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Exploring Retaining Wall Design and Materials

Retaining walls can be a great way to improve the function and appearance of your grounds. When properly designed, they can redirect water, halt erosion and add interest to your landscaping projects. Several key factors can influence the size, shape and structure you need to work best in your circumstances. These include your budget, expected […]

Landscaping Products to Transform Your Patio

  Adding an elegant stairway design to your patio or pool area can be an attractive way to spruce up the landscaping, as well as being pragmatic for a dual-tiered patio. Quality stonework can ensure that the result is both beautiful and durable.

Choosing the Right Sand for Your Project

If you have been to a beach, a desert and a stream, you know that the sand at each is quite different. That’s because it is made up of the materials around it, from rocks to minerals to seashells. It forms as the substanceserode in wind, weather and water. With so many kinds available, how […]

Paving the Road to Beauty

The gravel that is depicted in this scene adds to the rustic beauty of the country side, while making it possible for people to safely travel to this peaceful place. Gavel can allow people to travel to exciting, remote destinations.

Strategies to Protect Vernal Pools in the Built Environment: Raising Awareness

There are many types of wetlands in our environment, but all of them are declining. Learn more about the special nature of vernal pools, our…read more

Concrete Blocks Make the Grade

The use of concrete blocks dates back to the 1830s, when they were first formed much as bricks are today. The first house constructed solely of pre-fabricated pieces was built in 1937 on Staten Island, New York. Since that time, they have taken on different designs and shapes, but they all have the same basic […]

Interior Plantscape Symposium

Partners AmericanHort and PLANET will co-host the 5th annual Interior Plantscape Symposium at Longwood Gardens. With a full day of business and technical education…read more