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What Are the Uses of Gravel

Gravel is widely used for industrial and personal projects. It is an integral component of concrete and outdoor design alike.

Gravel is found everywhere in the United States from the traditional parking lot to your beautifully designed home garden. It is used to build homes and highways as well as make concrete, mortar and plaster. Gravel is quite literally an integral part of the fabric of any city with functional architecture or landscape design. The material is simply a collection of small rocks and pebbles that are over two millimeters in diameter. Anything smaller is considered to be sand. Gravel can be both decorative and functional. It can be used as mulch in a home garden or as a method of erosion control. Many industries use this material in their day-to-day functions.

For gardens, gravel can either be the main feature or functional mulch. Many people are turning to rock gardens to save water or build a more creative outdoor space. The rocks can come in a range of colors and sizes, so people can create mosaic type areas. Additionally, gravel does not require as much maintenance as grass or mulch. Traditional woodchip mulch decomposes and much be replaced as it decays or discolors. Gravel is much more durable and can be cost effective in the long term.

In design, gravel is often seen in between stones or pavers as a decorative measure. It can create a functional or temporary driveway for those who enjoy hosting or having parties. However, landscapers can also create truly beautiful walkways with a contrasting gravel and stone set up. For example, white gravel is common and inexpensive just like slate slabs. After an afternoon, a homeowner can have an inviting garden path that leads guests through delicate flowerbeds. If anything must be replaced, it is as simple as replacing a patch of gravel with fresh material. There will not be a need to start completely from scratch. Although if the homeowner wants an entire redo of the area, the gravel will be easy to remove and replace.

Industries that are involved with commercial or private construction often use gravel as an ingredient for building materials. Concrete and mortar are commonly used for large buildings that must be able to withstand hard weather conditions. Gravel and sand are key ingredients in the widely used Portland formula. In fact, they may make up to 85% of concrete composition. Environmental protection agencies may need to prevent erosion on beaches or islands in order to protect wildlife or profitable investments. Gravel is an excellent means preventing corrosion because it is cheap and effective. To learn more about gravel in Morgan Hill, please visit this website.


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