Tips on How to Apply Mulch

Pick the right mulch for you then spread an even layer around your garden. Replace it every few years and your garden will thrive. Before you apply mulch, you have pick and purchase the right mulch. To figure out the right variety for your purposes, ask yourself what you need the mulch to do. Do […]

What Are the Uses of Gravel

Gravel is widely used for industrial and personal projects. It is an integral component of concrete and outdoor design alike. Gravel is found everywhere in the United States from the traditional parking lot to your beautifully designed home garden. It is used to build homes and highways as well as make concrete, mortar and plaster. […]

Choosing the Right Sand for Your Project

If you have been to a beach, a desert and a stream, you know that the sand at each is quite different. That’s because it is made up of the materials around it, from rocks to minerals to seashells. It forms as the substanceserode in wind, weather and water. With so many kinds available, how […]