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The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is getting an overhaul to improve its environmental performance and create new areas for commissioned works of art, thanks to the Walker Art Center and the city’s Park…read more

Net Zero Water & Landscape Architecture

I just hosted an event where twenty-five people watched a video of a flushing toilet and gave it a standing ovation. Granted, I live near Hollywood in Los Angeles, but this was not a showing…read more

Sandy Soil

Soil can be composed of a range of material such as sand and clay. Sand typically has a high concentration of quartz and sandy soil is hospitable to certain crops like peaches and peanuts.

Creative Landscaping

Landscaping materials can be used in the most creative ways you can imagine. You can easily build a walkway or lovely feature walls for small gardening nooks.

Plowed Clay Soil Ready for Winter

Clay soil is favorable for the cultivation of certain plants, especially given the fact that it can retain moisture and nutrients so effectively. Clay drains water slowly, making it ideal for plants that do well with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Landscaping Products to Transform Your Patio

  Adding an elegant stairway design to your patio or pool area can be an attractive way to spruce up the landscaping, as well as being pragmatic for a dual-tiered patio. Quality stonework can ensure that the result is both beautiful and durable.