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How To Determine A Healthy Blend Of Topsoil

Topsoil should not contain too much clay or have an acidic pH. You existing soil can be tested to detect mineral levels and overall health. First, what is topsoil? Is it different from garden soil? Why is it important? Topsoil is the outmost layer of earth. Usually it will stretch anywhere from the top two […]

What Are the Uses of Gravel

Gravel is widely used for industrial and personal projects. It is an integral component of concrete and outdoor design alike. Gravel is found everywhere in the United States from the traditional parking lot to your beautifully designed home garden. It is used to build homes and highways as well as make concrete, mortar and plaster. […]

What Exactly is Sand?

Sand can be composed of many minerals, but quartz is the most common. Many industries and homeowners use sand to accomplish a variety of tasks. Sand is generally defined as being coarser than silt and finer than gravel. Silt is the sediment found in certain bodies of water and is often smooth to the touch. […]